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Christian Lawyers Centre hereinafter referred to as LEGAL LINK has successfully celebrated its 3rd Anniversary on 10th December 2021, (International Human Rights Day) and has also launched its 3rd Annual Report in defense of the rights of religious communities and vulnerable groups in Sierra Leone.

The organization also siezed the opportunity to launch its website for easy access to its activities and projects as well as to aid legal research and education.

It could be recalled that on the 10th of December 2018, LEGAL LINK was officially founded and launched by Rashid Dumbuya Esq together with a host of other lawyers, law students and human rights activists at the Christians in Action Church, Pademba road, Freetown.

It is also worthy to note that the 10th of December is usually referred to as International Human Rights Day the world over.

This day has been set aside by the United Nations to reflect and showcase how much successes have been garnered within its 194 member states in the push for compliance and respect for human rights.

The 10th of December is also celebrated to remind states of the numerous challenges regarding adherence to their human rights obligations and commitments under International Human Rights Law.

What a joy and privilege to have LEGAL LINK celebrate its third anniversary on this great day called International Human Rights Day.

Just three years on, the organization has become a household name in Sierra Leone due to its passion and quest in defending the rights of religious communities and vulnerable groups in the country.

In this regard, the organisation has continued to receive accolades and recognitions both locally and internationally for its revolutionary interventions and impactful programmes.

During the formal celebration of its 3rd Anniversary and the International Human Rights Day event which took place at the Africell American Corner, Barthust street Freetown and was well attended by interns, lawyers, law students, civil society organizations and representatives from the religious communities and vulnerable groups, the Executive Director of LEGAL LINK, Rashid Dumbuya Esq used the opportunity to thank God for making LEGAL LINK to see its 3rd anniversary and to also celebrate it in grand style.

In launching the 3rd Annual Report, the Executive Director, highlighted the myriad of activities undertaken by LEGAL LINK within the period under review.

The report amongst other things also espoused on the extrajudicial killings that took place in the country between 2020 and 2021, analyzed the successes achieved, challenges encountered and proffered recommendations for reforms.

With the launch of this report, it is hoped that such will engender dynamism for legal, institutional and policy reforms in the country.

Rashid also explained to the audience about LEGAL LINK’s interventions to complement government’s effort in the area of litigations, respect for human rights as well addressing the needs of vulnerable groups. He stated that LEGAL LINK was able to provide legal support to about 600 vulnerable persons in 2021 and even secured a discharge verdict in the High Court on six out of eight counts for Alie Forster, a youth victim that was fired in the foot by the security officer of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Lahai Lawrence Leema. Mr Forster is not out as a freeman but certainly needs urgent medical attention.

Mr Dumbuya appealed that the state or Lahai Lawrence Leema support him get medical treatment overseas so he doesn't lose his left foot.

A video documentary from an Organization called CRY FROM THE SLUMS was shown to the plenary, depicting the challenges faced by sex workers in the country and what Civil Society organizations can do to help out.

Furthermore, the Executive Director also mentioned to the audience about the global and national recognitions LEGAL LINK has attracted culminating into two international invitations sent to the Executive Director in 2021.

He further emphasized that the US Embassy in Freetown, Parliament and other MDAs are all reaching out to the organization for involvement in their programs - a testament of how much LEGAL LINK is being appreciated at the International and national levels.

Several representatives from the religious community, civil society organizations, vulnerable groups,the press, and students community witnessed the programme.

They appealed for LEGAL LINK to continue to build on these meaningful achievements in the coming years so that a culture of respect for human rights in Sierra Leone will be garnered and sustained.

The Executive Director assured the representatives of LEGAL LINK's continued support in 2022 and in subsequent years to continue to defend the rights of religious communities and vulnerable groups in the country.

Statements were also made by Mr Mohamed Wurie Bah on behalf of ILRAJ, Mr Morlai Conteh on behalf of the National Youth Coalition, Pst Kuku on behalf of the religious community, Evangelist Success on behalf of Cry From the Slums organization, the president of the Sierra Leone Association of persons living with Albinism, the Law Society FBC, Genida Working Group Sierra Leone chapter, the Milton Margai School for the Blind amongst many others.

They all expressed good sentiments regarding the work LEGAL LINK is doing and further appealed to the donor community to keep supporting LEGAL LINK in 2022 so that it can do more to defend the rights of religious communities and vulnerable groups in Sierra Leone.

The programme ended up in a joyful party celebration in honour of LEGAL LINK’s third Anniversary and Rashid Dumbuya Esq was crowned with the 2021 AWARD OF HONOUR medal by Triumph Gospel and Multi Media Empire.

Thanks and appreciations to the Board of Directors, lawyers, interns, law students, pastors, human rights activists and all those who contributed to LEGAL LINK’s success over the past three years.

To God be all the glory.

For more details on the activities, successes and challenges encountered by LEGAL LINK in 2021, kindly view the 2021 annual report attached or visit LEGAL LINK's website at:


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