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In line with it's mandate to promoting awareness raising on the law and human rights, LEGAL LINK in partnership with AYV Media Empire has successfully hosted the maiden program called "THE YOUTH AND THE LAW" with the Sierra Leone Grammar School emerging as the Victors of the Competition.

THE YOUTH AND THE LAW program takes the form of an Annual Quiz competition for youths in Secondary schools on the law and justice system of Sierra Leone. Its fundamental objective is to empower the youths of Sierra Leone with a general understanding of the law, the justice system as well as their fundamental human rights so that they will become law abiding and responsible youths in the future that are able to claim their rights under the law when abused, threatened or violated.

The Competition kicked off on Thursday, 26th May 2022 at the AYV grounds and the Grand final took place on Friday, 27th May 2022 at the same venue. The Contesting schools that competed against each other in this year's quarter finals are:

The Sierra Leone Grammar School Vs King Fahad Secondary school

Government Model Secondary school Vs St Joseph's Convent

Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood Vs Providence secondary School

An open ballot system informed the above categorizations.

At the end of the quarter finals, Sierra Leone Grammar School defeated King Fahad Secondary school and moved to the Semi- Finals. St Joseph's Convent defeated Government Model Secondary school, qualifying to the Semi-Finals while Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood defeated Providence Secondary school to make it to the semi finals.

King Fahad Secondary school, being the best losers in the quarter finals also qualified for the Semi- Finals. Through a ballot system as well as per the rules of the Competition, Sierra Leone Grammar School clashed with St Joseph's Convent while King Fahad Secondary school locked horns with Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood Secondary school. At the end of the Semi-Finals held on the 27th of May 2022, Sierra Leone Grammar School defeated St Joseph's Convent while King Fahad Secondary school crushed Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood Secondary school. The two winning schools therefore automatically qualified for the finals.

The Finals took place on Friday 27th May 2022 at around 6pm between the Sierra Leone Grammar School and the King Fahad Secondary school. It was indeed a clash of the Titans and a clash of the East versus the West since King Fahad Secondary school resides in the East end of Freetown while Sierra Leone Grammar School is located at the west end of Freetown. At the end of the Finals, Sierra Leone Grammar School emerged as the Victors edging King Fahad Secondary school by a 5 point margin. Consequently, the Sierra Leone Grammar School, being the winner of the Quiz competition received the star prize code-named (THE BISHOP ABU KOROMA LAW PRIZE of Le 3,000,000).

The 2nd position went to King Fahad Secondary school and they received a cash prize of Le 2,000,000 and the 3rd position went to the Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood Secondary school having pooled the highest number of scores in the Semi- Finals amongst the losers. They received a cash prize of Le 1,000,000.

The Best Male Youth Quizzer of the Competition was Mohamed M. Barrie of King Fahad Secondary school and he received the JAMES BLYDEN JENKINS - JOHNSTON LAW PRIZE while the Best Female Youth Quizzer was Hassanatu Barrie, a pupil of the King Fahad Secondary school. She received the SAMUEL MOMODU CONTEH Esq LAW PRIZE.

The Best behaved school award went to the Government Model Secondary school for being present and supportive throughout the competition notwithstanding their defeat at the quarter finals. Various eminent personalities were present on the day of the finals to witness the Competition and also distribute the prizes to the winning schools. Chief amongst many others were Bishop Abu Koroma, Leon Jenkins Johnston Esq, the Ombudsman of the Republic of Sierra Leone and Barrister Samuel Momodu Conteh.

Bishop Abu Koroma, the donator of the Star Prize handed over the prize to the winning school, the Sierra Leone Grammar School, while the best Female Quizzer Award was handed over by Barrister Samuel Momodu Conteh being the donor.

Leon Jenkins Johnston Esq, the Ombudsman of Sierra Leone and donor of the award handed over the JAMES BLYDEN JENKINS JOHNSTON LAW PRIZE to the best Male quizzer of the Competition. This award was named after his father, the late James Blyden Jenkins Johnston Esq, who was not only known for being prolific and outstanding in practice but also a legal guru that served the nation and the legal profession with integrity and candour.

All the distinguished guests expressed their delight for the program and appealed that it continues every year without any hinderance. Due to the length of the Competition, it was decided that the entire quiz Competition be recorded and shown to the public in the coming weeks instead of being shown live. Therefore, we admonish everyone to stay glued to AYV TV and be on the look for this epoch making program and to see how our youths in Sierra Leone are becoming eloquent on the law. It is our hope that through this annual quiz competition on the law and justice system, we shall build and consolidate a culture of respect for human rights and the rule of law amongst youths in the country.

Special thanks to Ambassador Navo and the entire AYV family and crew for partnering with LEGAL LINK and giving us there platform free of charge to help transform the young generation of Sierra Leone in a positive way. May the good Lord reward their labour of love.

We are also grateful to all the donors of the various prizes as well as the various schools that took part in this year's annual quiz Competition. We extend congratulations to all the winners and wish the losers better luck next year. To God be all the glory!!. #END#

Rashid Dumbuya Esq Executive Director of LEGAL LINK and former Commissioner for Human Rights in Sierra Leone ALL RIGHTS RESERVED*

Note: Some of the pics taken at the quiz program are shared with this update. ABOUT LEGAL LINK Christian Lawyers Centre (a.k.a LEGAL LINK) is a non-profit legal advocacy group comprising of lawyers, law students and human right activists that seeks to provide legal assistance to religious communities as well as vulnerable groups in Sierra Leone through legal advocacy, education and training, public interest litigations, state and private sector accountability, enforcement of the rule of law and ensuring respect for domestic and international laws that guarantee fundamental human rights and freedoms.

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