In pursuit of its mandate to promote legal education and awareness in Sierra Leone, LEGAL LINK, in partnership with the African Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire, has successfully organized the Third Annual Inter-Secondary School Quiz Competition on the Law and Justice System in Sierra Leone, also known as the 'Youth and The Law Quiz Competition.'

The ground breaking event took place for three consecutive days; Thursday, May 11th, to Saturday, May 13th, 2023, at the AYV Media Empire in Freetown. It brought together brilliant minds from several outstanding senior secondary schools in the region.

The primary objective of the competition was to afford pupils in secondary schools to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the law and justice system of Sierra Leone. It further aimed to incentivize them to become law-abiding citizens and be able to successfully assert their rights in instances of abuse or violation.

Additionally, the competition sought to inspire pupils in Secondary schools to consider pursuing a career in law in the future.

A total of six schools participated in the competition: St. Joseph's Secondary School, King Fahad Islamic Secondary School, Beacon High School, Sierra Leone Grammar School, Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood Secondary School and Government Model Secondary School.

Each school was represented by a team of four competitors, accompanied by a substitute, a teacher coordinator, and several student supporters.

The competition followed a format consisting of three engaging stages: the Preliminaries, Semi-Finals, and Finals, which were held on separate days. In the Preliminaries, three sets of schools competed against each other to determine the winners who would advance to the Semi-Finals. The losing schools were eliminated from further participation in the competition.

The Semi-Finals featured two sets of schools, including the best-performing loser from the previous stage, competing for a spot in the Finals. In the Final stage, one set of schools competed head-to-head to determine the overall winner of the competition.

To ensure a fair outcome, the competition involved a series of killer rounds, up to eight, to determine a winner in cases of frequent draws between the schools.

The four compulsory rounds consisted of twenty questions on Criminal Law, Civil Law, The Judiciary and Court System of Sierra Leone, and International Law respectively.

Contestants selected question concealed in a magic bowl and answered them to score three marks each. The total scores from the four rounds determined the winner.

Rashid Dumbuya Esq, the Executive Director of LEGAL LINK served as the program moderator, while the teacher coordinators of the competing schools coupled with an independent observer from LEGAL LINK acted as judges for the program.

After intense competition between and amongst the various schools, the winners were announced as follows:

First Place:

Sierra Leone Grammar School (SLGS)

Second Place:

Government Model Secondary School

Third Place:

St. Joseph's Convent Secondary School

The top three teams displayed exceptional knowledge, teamwork, and composure under pressure throughout the competition.

All participating schools however received certificates of participation to acknowledge their efforts and achievements. The top three winning teams were awarded cash prizes of 3 million, 2 million, and 1 million respectively.

The cash prizes were generously provided by the Anti-Corruption Commission Sierra Leone and the LEGAL LINK organization.

Special awards were also given for the following categories:

Best Male Quizzer:

Daniel Obot of Sierra Leone Grammar School (SLGS)

Best Female Quizzer:

Magdalene Charley of Government Model Secondary School

Best Teacher Coordinator:

Mr. Musa Serry of Sierra Leone Grammar School (SLGS)

Best Behaved School:

King Fahad Islamic Secondary School

The program concluded on a successful note, with the winners of the competition, Sierra Leone Grammar School, celebrating their victory by singing their school song and performing a dance of triumph. Moreover, key participants, including the teacher coordinators, a representative from AYV, and Legal Link, shared positive statements about the program.

LEGAL LINK extends its heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Francis Ben Kaifalah and the entire staff of the ACC, Ambassador Junior Navo and the AYV Media Empire and all those who contributed in cash or in kind to making the program a great success. We are Grateful.

The entire quiz competition was recorded by AYV and will be broadcasted repeatedly in the upcoming weeks on AYV TV channels 33/34. We encourage you to watch the program as it will provide valuable education on the law and justice system of Sierra Leone.

In the meantime, here are some snapshots of the program for you perusal.



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